Actupon Ventures
Private Limited

About Us:

Actupon Ventures Private Limited has been promoted by Mr. Sethumani Anantha and Mr. Venu
Natha Sadasivam Sarma in the year 2010 for Social & Cultural Cause.

The Company has achieved the following :

1. A short film on AIDS awareness - Yaar Kutravaali? ( Who is the Culprit?) in the year 2011 .. more ..  

2. Part-funded Mudalvar Mahatma - Tamil (Welcome Back Gandhi - Hindi) in the year 2011 .. more .. 

3. Released A  Tamil Feature film in the year 2013 showcasing the all around Musical excellence of 
Mellisai Mannar MSV and recognising his contributions to the Music for more than 60 years .. more..

4. A Tamil musical Album on Lord Ayyappa 'Neai Manakkayilea & Kaatchi Tharuvathum Undu,TIMES
MUSIC - Digital Partner .. more ..  

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